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Total Game Basketball Academy can help you navigate your College Student-Athlete Recruiting Journey!

Do you have questions about recruiting? Do you need help getting college basketball offers? Our recruiting experts can help you with a game plan for success.

We can also assist you in creating a Student-Athlete’s Playbook for Personal Branding.  NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) is a process!

  • Design a communications calendar for NIL social media!

  • Recognize opportunities in the new NIL guidelines for NCAA student-athletes.

  • Create a NIL marketing plan.

  • Develop a personal brand statement.

  • Analyze your personal brand and understand your individual strengths and weaknesses.

  • Create a strategy to gain more engagement and followers on social media.

  • Write a personal brand elevator story/pitch!

  • Recognize the key elements to look for in a contract.

  • Create a media kit to present to businesses.


Visit us at or text.

Tony J. Coleman at 302-568-1232!

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Total Game Basketball Academy

"It is our mission to provide student-athletes with our expertise in the recruiting process."

We will do whatever it takes to put YOU and your talent on the radar.  

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We Got Your Total Game Covered

✔️ Scouting Talent Level

15 Characteristics Per Position
✔️ Best Schools Discovery
✔️ NCAA Account Registry
✔️ Personal Assessment & Athlete Development
✔️ Scholarship Opportunities
✔️ Individualized Road Map
✔️ The Five Essential
✔️ Principles Coaches look for when Recruiting



TGBA Scouting - Get Recruited

Play Sports in College

What sets TGBA Scouting apart is our comprehensive approach that addresses every phase of the recruiting process.
We understand that while each recruiting journey is unique, they all benefit from a systematic approach or process to hit key milestones and reach the ultimate goal of becoming the next college student-athlete.

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TGBA Principles

TGBA Scouting Believes in excellence on and off the court. We can achieve this by following these principles.

2. Moral & Ethical Excellence
3. Family Inclusion & Diversity
4. Sport & Life Transition
5. Athlete Development

The Five Essential Principles Coaches Want

We understand that while each recruiting journey is unique, each benefits from a systematic approach to hit key milestones and to become a college student-athlete, which is the ultimate goal.


TGBA Scouting believes in excellence on and off the court"


(Is your service only for basketball? If not, you'll want to add field and/or pitch.)


We offer expert coaching and scouting to student-athletes and provide everything needed for personal and professional success.


Our goal is to provide assistance in navigating college recruitment, for scholarships, and for professional ambitions."


How Do I Get My Name
On The Radar?

"The Recruiting Process"

We offer expert coaching and scouting to student-athletes, and provide everything needed for personal, professional basketball success.

Our individualized services provide custom blueprints designed to specifically meet the needs of the players and their families.
Our goal is to provide navigation assistance for college recruitment, scholarships, and professional ambitions.

"It is our passion to see you WIN!! You have our full commitment."
— Expert ProScout & Coach Tony J Coleman


"TGBA changed my life and allowed me to believe again."
Lorena Watson
Proud Parent
"I can't thank TGBA enough for helping me earn a scholarship to attend college doing what I love."
Emma Brown
"TGBA's blue-print for my success made all the difference."
Angel Coleman

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