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Hi Future Clients,

My name is Tony J Coleman.
I am the founder & CEO of TGBA,  
"Total Game Basketball Academy." 

At TGBA, we educate student-athletes and parents about the recruiting process. It is my PASSION to give back by helping student-athletes earn scholarships to college. With these scholarships, we will help increase the number of student-athletes attending college. With scholarships, the number of student loan debts would be reduced, allowing families, in the long term, to be economically in a better place.

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Overcoming the Odds!

As a former student-athlete, I experienced the recruiting process firsthand. I was very fortunate to be recruited at a high level by some of the best colleges and universities in the country. I accepted a full five years to complete four scholarship to college. If I did not earn a scholarship to college, most likely, I would have never gone. Being a product of Camden City, New Jersey, I overcame many odds to successfully put myself in a position to be recruited and earn a free education.

I grew up in a single-parent home after losing my mother at age ten. My father was my hero. However, we were economically disadvantaged in many ways. I was the first in my family to go to college, be recruited, and earn a scholarship. During the time of my recruitment, I really needed help understanding how to navigate through the process. Unfortunately, I did not have a (Total Game) plan to guide me.

After college and a short professional playing career, I became a teacher and coach in the Camden City School District. This is where it all began for me. For the past thirty years, I have given back to hundreds of students things I received and didn't receive. My passion for helping student-athletes learn and understand the recruiting process has always been in my heart.

In conclusion, The "Total Game Academy" is committed to helping YOU achieve, WIN, and get on the RADAR!!!

"In order for us to achieve our dreams, We must stay awake with TGBA"


Why is Tony Qualified?

- NBA Pro-Scout 2014 - Present
- NCAA Basketball Academy Staff
- NABC Member
- NBPA Affiliate Member
- 30 years of Coaching Experience in High School, College, and Professional
Hoop Group Staff Member
- Professional Combine Clinician
Athlete Development Specialist
- Former Player at every level - high school, college, and professionally
- 76er's Training Camp Staff
- Model 360 Symposium Member
- Assisted Hundreds in earning scholarships
- College & University Affiliates.
- Five HS State Championships
- Personally experienced the recruiting process full tilt with no guide to follow.

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