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TGBA Pro Scouting Service


What we cover for only $1499.00

College Scouting Coverage: We provide detailed coverage/reports on the top college players in the

U.S. from all college programs. We will have detailed coverage of the top players/projected draft

picks and players we feel are sleepers flying under the radar from all levels (NCAA D1, D2, D3, and

NAIA). Along with NBA prospects, we provide detailed reports and contact info on all college

prospects that we feel will immediately impact all international leagues and the NBA G League. We

provide detailed scouting reports, contact info for the college coaching staff, former high

school/travel team coaching staff, social media links for prospects, and more. This will save your

staff hundreds of hours of work and research.

National High School Coverage:


Your staff should have an excellent handle on all of the Detailed

coverage of the top high school prospects in the U.S. and Canada. We evaluate the top players

across the U.S. during regular-season games, tournaments, prep events, live period events (shoe

company circuits and non-shoe companies), and much more. We also provide plenty of intel/info on

draft prospects, contact info for their former coaches, and comprehensive evaluations to allow your

staff a plethora of additional info. We also cover the NBA Academies Overtime Elite and the NBA G

League Ignite.

National JUCO Coverage:


(JUCO Recruiting Report) of all the top junior college players in the U.S.

We provide detailed coverage, player evaluations, contact info, and more on all the top JUCO

prospects in the U.S.


Northeast High School Coverage:

One of the most detailed and comprehensive reports/databases

on all the top players in the Northeast with a strong focus/emphasis on New Jersey, Pennsylvania,

Maryland, Delaware, Washington, DC, and Virginia high school prospects. We have deep knowledge

and relationships with the top high school


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